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An award-winning combination of advanced technology, cutting-edge methodology and 20 years experience.


Richard Grafham, Director

We look beyond the candidates CV and understand their behavioural traits using advanced assessments techniques, video interviews and competency questioning to ensure they align with your business and it’s goals.
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Achieve 96% retention rate using talentbancke and take the guess work out of your hiring process!


How do we work?

We’re specialists. We headhunt candidates for specific roles. Because we focus exclusively within SASS | Enterprise Software we know how to identify top performers. We’re proactive and consider every option. That’s how we find high quality candidates who fit your exact requirements.We’re transparent and open, providing you with regular updates and feedback and utilise the most advanced talent solution available

We’re fast. We’re effective. We’re available 24 hours a day

How do we engage with clients?

We offer a number of packages to suit your specific needs. 

What will we need from you?

A detailed profile of the company and the position you want to fill. We need to understand your management style, company culture and what qualities you think would make the ideal candidate.

You should also tell us anything about the position that makes it special or different. Remember, the more information you give, the better. So marketing collateral, case studies, industry news, gartner quadrants and any other relevant material will all help us represent your company in the right way and ensure a consistent message.

Promoting the opportunity properly allows us to assess candidates thoroughly and get you exactly what you want

Just a few companies we've helped find World Class Talent...